148(minus 100) Hours

I left on Sunday. That night, I barely slept and actually ended up staying up all night to where I promptly got ready for my flight. I was really anxious just to leave, perhaps a bit too anxious. But whatever. Anyway, the key thing to note is that when I was checking in, I checked in two bags at American Airlines. They said they could connect them to my next flight at JFK which was with Virgin Atlantic. This is incredibly important to the story, so please make a mental note of this. Now, after this, I said my goodbyes to my parents, and before I knew it, I was off. The ride to JFK airport was blissful; namely, because I slept.

JFK, however, was a real trip. It took me so long to find the Virgin Atlantic counter — I honestly felt like Moses in the desert for 40-something day/nights/years/whatever-the-time-amount-is. However, after I did, everything was gravy. +1 to Michael. I went in an out of consciousness while sitting at the gate, and when it was time to fly, I slept more. I meet two people on the plane: Linde, who was going to study at University College London (the school Meagan Musgrave was going to go to!) and Andrew, who was also studying at King’s. They were pretty nice and we gabbed about how exciting everything was.

Okay, now to the real story. So when the plane lands, everyone goes through customs. It was a breeze, do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Then we went to pick up my bags. Did you remember what the guys at American Airlines told me? Right, they said they would connect my luggage to the Virgin flight and all would be cool. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. DO NOT TRUST AIRPORT PEOPLE WHEN THEY SAY THIS. GET YOUR BAGS ALWAYS. Yes, my bags did not arrive, and I flipped the lid and tried to hurry, complain, whine-to-parents. -20 to Michael. I was taken to the place the IFSA-Butler was holding my orientation: St. Giles Hotel, which was pretty swanky. Additionally, I met another person on the way: Nicole, who was going to go to Queen Mary’s. She, Linde, and Andrew invited me to check around with them, but the problem was, I need clothes and living-things more than just sight-seeing.

So, here are some of my insights: London, and presumably all of the UK, has a store called Boots. It is essentially a Walgreens/CVS, but it is wonderful for quick supplies if you ever need it. They are actually somewhat plentiful; There are not really any sort of Target-like stores for clothing, most of London seems to be designer-ish things (Zara, H&M, Gap, etc.) — essentially, your pocket will be burnt whole (I bought Gap recovery clothes, but it was surprisingly not that bad). After acquiring all I needed, I did manage to wander around a bit. I got some pictures on my US phone (although, I can’t upload them to Facebook D:) of a couple interesting things, including the University College London’s campus (I guess at least). The night ended with the Butler program taking us out to dinner in Covent Gardens, and after that, I travelled with a new girl I met, Allison going to UCL, back to the hotel to call it a night.

Oh, I forgot to mention, while I was doing my clothes run, I almost got hit by a taxi cab. No big.

Michael’s Current Score: -18 😦

(Title comes from the the 2010 biographical adventure film “127 Hours”)

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