Experiences Part II

I forgot to mention a couple things in my last entry.

First, I also met another guy — he was my roommate at the hotel. His name was Ememett (spelling?!) and he was also going to King’s. He was doing War Studies. I likened him to one of the Poli Sci debater kids who know a lot about foreign policy/international affairs/etc. He seemed cool, but we barely talked. Also, and perhaps more importantly, I forgot to tell you that St. Giles is central. What I mean by that is that the hotel was near everything. Most especially, the British Museum. That’s right, I entered the British Museum. I took pictures on my phone (which means I can’t access them :(), but I will say, it was massive and spectacular. My favourite rooms were the Enlightenment and Assyrian rooms. I plan to return later on in the months to come, it was really fantastic, and I’ll be sure to take pictures with my normal camera.

Furthermore, I have noted that there isn’t a Target-esque store. Lots of brands. British people dress trendy and in black. Be aware of this if you go there. I mean, I don’t seem to think they notice you noticing this, but it is something interesting and critical of their culture. Also, you may notice a lot of cameras; this is the ring of steel, a security monitoring thing throughout everywhere. It is pretty interesting to read about, and they have it on the Tube (the subway underneath London).

Now, my second day in London was full of Butler orientation. To be honest, it was really filled with information they had given me prior to travelling, so it wasn’t really interesting. There was however two conversations, one by a member of the House of Lords that talked about British government and politics, and then the man who talked to us about safety in the UK. They were incredibly charismatic and well-knowledgeable, especially the member of the House of Lords. But the most important thing about orientation today was that I went to my residence. As I mentioned, I live in Hampstead — this posh little place where I may “see George Michael walking his dogs.” +- ?! to Michael. It is pretty far from where my school is, but I don’t really mind. On the way there I met a new girl: Barbara. She is pretty nice and we have been hanging out seeing as were are the only Butler people who live in Hampstead. Hampstead has an amazing centre called the O2 Centre that has a bunch of neat things in it, as well as really awesome looking restaurants with cheap ethnic cuisine.

Settling into my residence was interesting. It is a small dorm-style room with a communal bathroom and kitchen. The communality isn’t that off-putting, so I feel like I can survive. During this time, my bags did not return to me, however, I was told that they were being shipped to the Butler program’s main building. I could breathe a bit better then. My residence held a small get together of study abroad students were I met a couple more Americans (although I forget their names and honestly didn’t care) and some European students: Suyesh (I think I misspelled this) is my RA, Callum, and Claudia (I think she spelled her name differently). They were all really nice and welcoming.

I did not stay at the get-together long. Instead, Barbara and I went to the O2 Centre to pick up some things and travel around Hampstead. Like I say, Hampstead is pretty nice.

Besides this, I will end this entry with a couple of quotes that were said during my orientation which I thought were utterly hilarious, as well as some pictures of my room. Also, my bags finally were returned to me, with everything in them! +18 to Michael. Scratch the pictures of my room, I think I forgot to pack my camera’s computer connecting cord. Fail. -5 to Michael.

Michael’s Current Score: -5 😦

“I love the Aztecs.” – in reference to chocolate
“We are a very Jekyl and Hyde race.” – in reference to the British
“We are a liberal country; liberal is our default.” – in reference to the politics of the British
“We are oppressed, suppressed, repressed, and depressed as a country.” – another reference to the British
“They are also oppressed, suppressed, repressed, and depressed, but they are worse because they have Catholic guilt.” – commentary on the Irish.

(Title comes from the 2004 R&B song by Usher entitled “Confessions Part II)

  1. #1 by Hannah on 7 January 2011 - 5:11 PM

    Nice observation about the lack of Target-esque stories. The closest you will find is a Primark.. which I suggest you search out when you get the time. I did many a shopping sprees whilst wondering around London. They’ve go a lot of stuff.. and for cheap. The Oxford St. one is a circus though I’d find the one near the Hammersmith tube stop if you find yourself in the area 🙂

  2. #2 by andersonlondon on 8 January 2011 - 5:23 AM

    Oh, thank goodness you told me this. I am so happy. I’ve been trying to find something with cheap clothes somewhere, and the only place I can find near my residence is a shopping centre that is essentially a mall with expensive stores. ❤ ❤ ❤ Thank you thank you thank you

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