The Picture(s) of Michael Anderson

(Title comes from the 1980/1 novel entitled “The Picture of Dorian Grey” by Oscar Wilde)

Okay, so I figured out how to jiffy my Droid camera to my computer to show you all things wonderful (as well as charge it, so I can take more pictures for you all!) I still have the last two days to write about, so I will do that as soon as I can, but let me just show you everything else first. Also, I have mentioned a couple places — I think? — in my posts that I haven’t taken pictures of, but hopefully now that will change! More also, I realised that I did not leave my camera cord at home. Hooray! +5 to Michael.

Starting from left to right: the first is mainly humourous. I found it while walking around the garden at the Bedford Estates. I was somewhat questioning whether it was full of books about alcoholism and how alcohol destroys your life, and also whether or not there were other Anonymous-affiliated places throughout London like NA Bookshop. Then I also queried whether AA exists in London at all. Also, ignore the light — it was just some little divine being saying “hi.” The middle and right pictures are both the same place-ish. They are pictures of University College London’s campus (or at least, bits of it); this was the place that Meagan Musgrave was supposed to go to, but she didn’t. Don’t worry Meagan, I brought some of it to you!

These next three pictures are all from the British Museum.  Yes, the British Museum. The outside was massive and people        were sitting on the steps like it was the Met or something. I am      sure Blair Waldorf would have sat here if Gossip Girl was staged    in London. The above-right is the sort of central hall in the              Museum where you get special attractions and stuff. The picture    does not do its size justice; seriously, it was more than just              massive, it was spectacularly voluminous. The one to the right        was my favourite exhibit: the Enlightenment. It was essentially a   long hallway of curios, relics, books, all about civilization, art,      religion and ritual. And when I mean long hallway, I mean it; it  I would peg its leg being the size of the green space near the            fountain from 1828 to the Quad. No joke.

Lastly, we have my humble abode; it probably isn’t the size of a McKendree dorm-room and it lacks a mini-fridge, but it has a sink, if that is worth anything (I imagine it isn’t; also, what the heck, King’s? Why would you charge me 50 pence a day for a thing I could get at McKendree FO’ FREE?!)

I have a board in my room. I can put things on it, or at        least stick into its sides (I probably should get tacks or        something). The only things I have are lame things;          except of course, my Christmas Card from Meagan              Musgrave of the Wolf Pack which I got days before I left    and brought with me to initially use as a bookmark. If        you want things added to my wall, send things to me!        You can tell people that your stuff was in London.

Michael’s Current Score: 0 😐

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