Like a Student/Walkin’ in the Rain

Mash-up blog is mashed-up. Seeing as it is Friday Saturday already, and my blogs have only been telling the tales of what has happened since Tuesday, I will quickly try to get everything up to speed so then I can quit this blog-everyday-business and maybe reset to something less strenuous. Does that sound cool? Good; because, honestly, I was going to do this whether you liked it or not. So there.

What happened on Wednesday was King’s Orientation. Barbara and I woke up and left our Hampstead Residence at 8:30 and took the #13 Bus to Aldywch Strand. We rode on one of those double-decker buses (at the top level, of course), and just gazed out the windows to see everything. It was pretty spectacular, because we were able not only to see the normalcy of London, but also we cut through the downtown-ish area of Central London (by the way, London is filled with theatres; I am definitely planning on seeing something, especially since students get discounts). Once at Aldywch, we walked around and to the King’s College Strand Campus. Little did I know, is that King’s has like five campuses — few of which are near each other. Strand is like homebase, and by golly, it is enormous.We had to first acquire our ID cards and pass through registration — I passed through in seconds, which gave me the chance to investigate the school.

Now, let me tell you, King’s is impossibly designed. Hallways lead to floors lead to hallways lead to buildings that are all really the same building, but signs suggest otherwise. It is somewhat daunting, but I really loved the experience of getting lost there (although, I imagine you can REALLY get lost at King’s). I discovered first the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, found the Modern Language Centre (where I will be taking Chinese, which I have to study for by the way), and perhaps most impressive sight was the Chapel. The Chapel is on the second floor, so it wasn’t too difficult to find. But, it was incredibly ornate. Let me show you some pictures:

Beats Bothwell Chapel any day, I think. I managed to find Barbara again and we went outside to look around. There is a view (which I did not have a camera or phone to take a picture of, but I will show you soon!) outside at the back end of the Strand Campus that hits the Waterloo Bridge, the London Eye, Big Ben, and Westminster all in one. It is pretty spectacular. Beside Strand Campus is the Somerset House, which has really glitzy galleries and an ice rink. We were hungry, so we stopped off at Pret A Manger, which is essentially a Bread Co. although perhaps slightly more posh and had ready-to-go sandwiches and drinks that you can purchase for only £4. I think that is cheaper than Bread Co.

After lunch, we managed to find our library: Maughn Library. Again, I will provide you pictures later, but it also was a sight to see (this library beat Holman all the days). Not only does it have a little courtyard with a statue of Confucius, but it also has a little key-card barrier to let you in, a catalogue system that I probably do not know how to work, several floors, special sections for special books, AND a cafe at the bottom floor. It was pretty awesome. And the outside isn’t too shabby either. We had to then return to the main Campus and undergo a quick little speech, and after that, it was free time. Barbara met up with one of her friends from school, and I tagged along; although, in the end, I separated from them and did my own thing. I travelled down the roads and took the bus, investigating as much as I possibly could of the area. I have grown to really like riding the buses, and all the walking makes me feel so good about myself. I still needed important supplies, which was the point and promise of Thursday.

So, Thursday began raining-ish. It was a drizzle and I was not prepared for it. I did not think to pack an umbrella. Not only that, but I needed a power adapter/converter/thing for my laptop so I can once again be linked with the beauty that is the interconnected, globalized internet. Also, I wanted to explore. Also again, I had some silly King’s thing at 2 about Living In London (which in the end, wasn’t very interesting). SO YES! I decided to go to a shopping centre, because all the stuff near me had nothing that I could get. The shopping centre (Brent Cross Shopping Centre) was in, you guessed, it Brent Cross. But I didn’t know how to get there. What I did was I took that #13 to Golders Green and took a left; walking down, I found a ghetto. And when I use ghetto here, I use it in the most original sense (and not in the “forced to live here” sense that Wikipedia describes, although, the Jewish population could be forced to live here due to the Christo-Anglo overwhelmingness, but that is critical thinking for another show!). But seriously, it was pretty interesting finding all these shops for Kosher food, Judaica stores, etc. all around. Eventually, I got onto the #210 to Brent Cross Station, which I promptly got off and walked all the way to the Shopping Centre. The Centre is next to a flyover for walkers, and it was pretty sweet. I got what I needed and took the #113 to Marble Arch to get back to Finchley Road, and then the #13 to Aldwych.

I was sopping wet at this point and time.

Friday was raining again, but I managed to get to Aldwych before I was sopping wet and purchased an umbrella at this appliance store place. It was cheap-ish: six pounds (at this moment, I realise that I really do not know what is exactly cheap or not, oh well). I had an individual appointment with the Study Abroad Office at King’s who informed me that German Gender Politics (despite being taught in the European Studies department) may be, you guessed it, in German. And thus, I may have to switch classes. Alas. I think that such titling is such a misnomer, if it is in German, you would think it would be in some sort of German department or whatnot. So, I may have to take a replacement European Studies/ War Studies/something-that-could-be-interdisciplinary-for-BKF. Alas.

So that is everything quickly wrapped up. I am done for the weekend. I will show you pictures if I go out to places, and I will write something when I have my departmental welcoming sessions. Also, classes don’t start for me until Friday/Monday (Friday for Theology, Monday for everything else). That’s all folks!

Michael’s Current Score: Still 0 😐

(Title is a mash-up coming from the 1984 Madonna Song “Like a Virgin” and the 1952 comedy musical “Singin’ in the Rain.” How Mr. Schuester manages to combine these two songs, I have no clue.)

  1. #1 by Emily! on 8 January 2011 - 9:03 PM

    sweets, it will be raining a LOT in the next 5 months. go to boots and invest in an umbrella-ella-eh eh eh.

    loving the blog! keep having a BLAST

  2. #2 by andersonlondon on 8 January 2011 - 9:50 PM

    I did get one! I am so glad I did. 😀 Miss you Emily!

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