The Insistence

Okay, so let me catch everything up to speed.

Last week, I went the London Zoo. It was surprisingly lame (despite being like, one of the oldest zoos ever) – in fact, I felt that the St. Louis Zoo was more exciting – and I hate going to the St. Louis Zoo. Although, I will admit that the Giant Galapagos Turtles nom’ing on some grass was adorable.

Furthermore, last week I was informed of tutorial for Introduction of Philosophy of Religion. So tutorial, for those of you who aren’t British education-savvy is essentially a meeting to discuss your coursework (comparable to your professor sitting down with you to go over your paper). This is pretty crucial, because the British do two separate gradings per assignment, one by the lecturer, and then a second by another individual (often outside the institution) to make sure the grade is fair. Seems like useless outsourcing, but whatever!

My lecturer actually wasn’t the one who graded my work, but rather, it was some PhD student who was incredibly nice. He explained to me that my content was good – that I knew what I was talking about (much to my excitement, especially since I thought I epic failed this paper), and that I was largely marked down on typos, grammar and structure (he asked if I proofed my work, and I lied, of course :P). I received a low 2:1. A 2:1 is a solid B, so a low 2:1 I would guess is a B- more maybe a C+ – but who cares! I passed nonetheless, which is what I was hoping for, and, a PhD student said I knew what I was doing, so that was all good.

But anyway, the best thing of the past week was I witnessed a protest. Unbeknownst to me, a protest brewed in London while I was travelling about. I made an aftermath protest, but it was pretty awesome. I noticed as I was walking to a bookstore that anarchists attacked an HSBC bank – spray-painting profanity, breaking windows and paintball gunning stuff down. Police officers were even hit. Furthermore, people gathered around picketing and sitting in the middle of a great intersection, effectively stopping traffic. There was more tagging along the road; the best was one on an art school down the road. The school had a window that was of a picture of a police car attacked and spraypainted; they painted over it saying “Do it for real.” I took pictures, it was legit.

But, the highlight of this was listening to an old guy yell at this girl who was observing the picketing. He was shouting about whether or not she pays taxes and that it is horrible what she was doing (to be precise, he said she was disgusting). Honestly, the girl was just standing there watching everything; he was definitely targeting her because she looked like a protester (I mean, she was in hipster-gear, who wouldn’t assume that)? The best part was the girl wasn’t fighting back, she was saying that she did pay taxes, she wasn’t protesting with people, and that she respected his opinions and she has her own. She even said “I tweeted that the protesters shouldn’t cover their faces, because it makes them look intimidating.” You hear about social media being used for political activism, but in fairness, once you hear it in real life, it sounds so bloody ridiculous.

Here is a link to better pictures than mine (which I am posting below):

(Title comes from the 2009 album entitled “The Resistance” by the band Muse.)

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